Every day I struggle between “I wanna look good naked” and “treat yo self.”

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Anonymous asked: Oh, then I apologize about the dashes. Perhaps it's the readability app that gets rid of them. Sorry about the mixup!

It’s totally fine! I was like “Oh my god, did I actually stop doing it??” so I did double check! There are just so many bugs with the Tumblr app *sigh* I wish there were a way to go back and make something that would come up on the app too. I’ll look into it for you, because I totally get how reading it without anything can become difficult to follow.

Anonymous asked: If you don't mind me saying this, I have a slight formatting suggestion for your "There Can Only Be One" fic. Perhaps you could add a few dashes, or a section break between each scene change, or when it switches to another character. By doing that, the story would be a lot easier to read. Keep up the great work!

I do actually put dashes in between scene/character changes. Perhaps it just doesn’t show up if you’re reading from your phone? But I do make sure to put the dashes, not only for you guys, but for me as well so when I go back to edit or check on some information I can see how long each characters part is and skip over what I don’t need to pay attention to. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the story though! And it’s my goal to get the next part out either Monday night or Tuesday. Work has been crazy, and those are my two days off so I’ll have time to think and actually focus on it without being stressed about work and sleep.

Anonymous asked: I love your story 'There Can Only Be One' so much and I'm so excited for you to update! Please update soon! xoxo

Thank you so much love! And I will be updating soon! I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten the next part out yet. I didn’t think getting this job would be as exhausting as it has been, and it’s like as soon as I wake up, I go to work, then I come home, eat for the first time that day, lay down, watch a couple Youtube videos, and then pass out. But I am trying to write a few paragraphs at a time, and hoping that it’ll get done very soon! <3

I had a dream that I hooked up with Gerard Way.

I don’t even really like Gerard Way.

I mean, I guess I probably wouldn’t say no if I had the opportunity.

I like MCR, and he isn’t UNattractive.

He’s just never been on my list of Celebrities I Wanna Fuck.

And yet I had that dream.

So I blame you Tumblr.

All your MCR pictures finally getting into my head and being like “Yeah, let’s do that”.


heard-a-rumor asked: I am the exact same way with Ray girl, i get you. He's just so funny and cute and ughh i just love him.

RIGHT??? He is amazing. I just love him so much lol. I try not to fangirl over people, but I don’t think I could contain myself if I ever had the chance to meet Ray. I’d probably cry. Happy cry, but cry nonetheless. And very rarely do I actually cry lol XD

And tomorrow I have work, but then I get Friday off so I’ll get the next chapter of TCOBO out sometime Friday night~


Someone was snarky to me while I was making a delivery today. Got lost in a big business lot in the pouring rain, asked a woman walking by where the building I was looking for was, and she was all “It’s that building there *under her breath* right in front of you” BITCH IF I HAD KNOWN WHERE THE GODDAMN BUILDING WAS, I WOULDN’T HAVE BOTHERED ASKING. I’M SORRY I COULDN’T SEE THE 12 POINT FONT OF THE NAME ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RAFTER. But I’m not allowed to be rude to people, even if they aren’t customers. So I just had to say “Thank you” and continue on.



What if Gordon Ramsay voiced a GPS

"Great job, you missed the exit you fucking disgrace."

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I am making good tips though. But it makes my brain go “OMGBUYALLDATHINGZ!!!!!! BUYDAMERCH!!! BUYDABOOZE!!!! BUYDAFOOD!!!!!!!” but then I remember that I’ll need most of it to pay for gas to continue making my deliveries. Which is ironic. 

My first day off isn’t till Friday. Gaaaaaah. But at least on Wednesday and Thursday I only work for a few hours, so I should be able to get some writing done. Definitely not tonight though. I’m covering someone’s shift from 5-10, and then I have to be up tomorrow to be in at 11, so once I’m done tonight I am passing out XP


heard-a-rumor asked: Hey so I'm a new subscriber because of your fanfic about the prisoners in "The Game" and I just gotta say girl, I love your stuff and your ideas and I can't wait for the next chapter but anyways Fuck, Marry, Kill: Gavin Free, Ray Narvaez Jr, and Michael Jones.

Hello new friend!! :D

I’m so happy to hear that you love that story! I just started at my first job and haven’t gotten my schedule yet, so I’m not entirely sure when the next chapter will be out, but I am hoping it’ll be by Wednesday. I’m just so happy to know you’re enjoying it! It gives me nice warm fuzzies on the inside ^_^

Ooooh fun fun fun! Gah making me choose between my lovely little lads though…but as horrible as it may sound, it is fairly easy for me to choose- For sure marry Ray, fuck Gavin, and sadly have to kill Michael. Ray has always been my favorite, I have a major crush on Gavin (and obviously in this scenario he is single and not seeing someone lol). I love Michael and his Rage Quits, but I’ve never really been a big fan of red heads. He is one of the exceptions though, BUT cannot win out against Ray and Gavin to me lol

shadowrunner426 asked: I like to write fan fiction and I already posted some. I was wondering how to make it like yours where each one is on a separate page then just on my dash. Btw I love your stories. They are the best on tumblr.

Oh that is so cool! And if I’m understanding your question right, here is a little picture story of how I post my fics-

So I just open up a text post like normal and paste in my fic-

Then I tab my story down however far I want, and then scroll over to the option that says “Insert ‘Read More’ Break” (which is to the left of the little camera icon)

Then I click it, making my post look like this-

Then I fill in my description and title and tags-

Then I publish, and it comes out looking like this-

And when people click the “Read More” link, it will take them to your fanfic on your page instead of on the dashboard! I hope this helps and is what you were asking about. If not, please let me know and I’ll see what I misunderstood!

And oh my god, you are too sweet! Thank you so much love <3

I’m definitely gonna go check out your stories too, I can’t wait to read them! ^_^

I have to work in the morning (OMG YES I FINALLY GOT A JOB GAIZ) and I’m just sitting here on my computer like “Sleep? What is this ‘sleep’ you speak of?” >.<